Obama forgives Harry Reid: When your neighbor is wrong you point a finger, but when you are wrong you hide.

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The attitude of people of color who do not feel offended by Senator Harry Reid‘s racist comments about President Obama is incomprehensible. Clearly, there is a double standard. When a racist comment comes from the GOP, the media makes it a big deal, whereas when a Democrat makes a racist comment, an apology is enough to turn the page.

Are African Americans naive enough to believe that white Democrats are angels and white Republicans are devils? The argument that Harry Reid made a racist comment but is not racist does not make any sense. It is like the relation between an egg and a chicken. You cannot dissociate them.

Reid’s comment does not necessarily erase his past work for civil rights. At least, people should give him credit for saying loudly what many believe privately but hide publicly. The war of race in America is like the Mississippi river: it has contours, but continues to flow.

To be fair, African Americans must condemn racism with the same energy, no matter where it comes from, Democrats or Republicans. Black Democrats should stop downplaying what is clearly racism. As the Ekonda of Congo say, “When your neighbor is wrong you point a finger, but when you are wrong you hide.”

Obama with Harry Reid press conference

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