Glenn Beck and Limbaugh on Obama: One who is not moved by words is not moved by the stick.

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The president accepted the Nobel Peace Prize yesterday.

It is rare for Obama to get praise from his political opponents. From Sarah Palin to Newt Gingrich, all have been touched by Obama’s vision and justification of necessary wars during his acceptance speech. At least the conservatives can have some objectivity. A Nobel Prize to an American president goes toward the prestige of the U.S. as a country, not just the Democratic party.

Unfortunately, there are those who choose to be on the wrong side of history, such as  Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck — two extremists who seem to be living under a stone. Like holocaust deniers, these two “machines” who fuel extremism is America, will not admit that the president is just good and popular around the world. As the Baganda of Uganda say, “One who is not moved by words is not moved by the stick.”

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