The Army is a school for killers.

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John Muhammad (the D.C. sniper) and Timothy McVeigh (convicted of bombing the Alfred P. Murray Building in Oklahoma, killing 168 people) are connected in one way. They belonged to the military. Despite what they have done, definitely on some level, they are victims of wars.

Many of the soldiers who return from war are mentally unstable. Is the US is executing mentally ill people? There are no excuses for the killing of innocent people. But the way of killing is the way they were trained to kill enemies by the US military. They were not born killers.

US interests and demand for oil forced the US to send young men to the Middle East. Definitely, the killings in Fort Hood, Texas, in D.C. or in Oklahoma are the consequences of US foreign policies. As the Arabs of Algeria say, “The Army is a school for killers.”

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