The eyes are of little use if the mind is blind.

The Nobel Peace Prize won by Barack Hussein Obama has stunned the world. For those who follow  international relations, it is not a  surprise at all.

Obama is certainly not a prophet in his own country. Most of his critics come from the US. The criticism comes mostly from his political opponents, the conservatives who seem have lost their sense of objectivity. To measure Obama’s effect in the world, Americans need to leave their backyard and see with their own eyes the renaissance of American prestige.

Many see this Nobel prize as a reward for his intentions, not for his accomplishments. Honestly, how can you separate good intentions and accomplishment? Good intentions do not necessarily lead to success. But good intentions can serve as catalysts to reach the peace that the world needs.

Thank God that the Nobel prize winner is choose by Norwegians. If the prize committee were composed of Americans, the GOP would claim fraud. I do not comprehend how this prize will make his political future complicated. Americans should read what Mr. Alfred Nobel had in mind. 

As the Arabs of Egypt say, “The eyes are of little use if the mind is blind.”

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