The chief of village does not see the devil.

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The erosion of civility in American politics is depressing. The health care reforms have given an excuse for extremists to show their “disapproval” of being governed by a president of color.

When former President Jimmy Carter pointed out the racist character of the protesters in Washington D.C. last week, as usual, many people have reacted, calling his comments exaggerations. The White House press secretary even said that the president does not agree with Mr. Carter. In fact, does President Obama has a choice? He is the leader of the country. Admitting that the protests against his health care reforms are racially motivated will definitely shift the focus from important issues.

For sure the President is aware of the American reality. He was a community organizer. Ignoring the American reality would be naive, like what the chairman of the Republican party Michael Steele, another a man of color, is doing. Fortunately or unfortunately, as the Bakuni of Congo say, “The chief of village does not see the devil.”

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