An intelligent enemy is worth more than a stupid friend.

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Honestly, American conservatives are going insane! Since America has elected the first man of color, every initiative coming from the White House is subject of controversy.

The election of Barack Obama was a miracle for those like me who did not believe that America had reached a level of accepting a non-white man leading the country. Let’s just face the reality, evidenced by the anger in town halls about health care reform, or the latest controversy: wild, unfounded accusations of “indoctrination” with many children who will be kept home from school to avoid the President’s back-to-school speech.

The movement to prevent the President’s speech is shameful and to boycott school Tuesday is simply ridiculous. Since I have moved to America, I don’t recall seeing such things. Clearly this is a pure illustration of racism. The real danger for those who choose not to send their kids to school is not President Obama but rather those who teach their kids intolerance.

As the Wolof of Senegal might say about the President, “An intelligent enemy is worth more than a stupid friend.”

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