The folly of a man is not broadcast like that of a woman.

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The US Secretary of State lost her cool Monday when, as she heard it, a Congolese university student asked what her husband thought about a multi-billion dollar Chinese loan offer to Congo. Apparently the translator made a mistake and the student actually asked what President Obama, not former President Clinton, thought of the deal.

Her reaction showed how difficult it is for her to live under the shadow of her husband. For years she struggled to balance her personal ambitions against his. Being in Congo, a very misogynist society, her reaction could be due to the treatment of women in the country, or she could simply be reacting because she wants to be her own person, separate from her very popular husband.

For sure the media didn’t miss the opportunity to speculate and shoot at her. As the Douala of Cameroon say, “The folly of a man is not broadcast like that of a woman.”

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