Money can even corrupt the virtuous.

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Politics and religion are like salt and water. When you mix them up, it makes a salty water which is not necessarily a healthy solution.

A total of 44 people have been taken into custody in New Jersey and New York, as a result of a two-year FBI and IRS probe stretching from the Jersey Shore to Brooklyn to Israel and Switzerland. The probe began with an investigation of corruption,  international money-laundering, and the trafficking of human kidneys.

Among the arrested are three New Jersey mayors, two state assemblymen and five rabbis. Corruption is not a novelty in politics. What is shocking is when “men of God” who are supposed to teach us moral values are involved in dark practices to make money. Money is the source of our problems, and worse is greed. These people were not poor but wanted more.

Imagine Jesus Christ looking down on earth… What would he be thinking about these rabbis? Money is more powerful than people — politicians or non-politicians, religious or non-religious. As the Bateke of Congo say, “Money can even corrupt the virtuous.”

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