No crowd ever waited at the gates of patience.

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The latest polls show that president Obama‘s approval poll is down compared to three months ago. Honestly, this should not be a surprise because he was elected with such high expectations. He inherited a very unique situation: two wars and an economy in recession.

In bad times, people are impatient to see results and all the campaign promises fulfilled. Someone who doesn’t have a job or health care is certainly under a lot of stress and cannot wait to find a job or a health coverage. Even Jesus Christ or Superman would have trouble to answer all our hopes and requests.

Last week, I was listening to gays and lesbians complaining that the president has forgotten their issues. Even though the Obama administration is working hard to fix many problems at the same time, still people will always complain. Everybody knew from the beginning what challenges the president would face.

Time is running for the president and his administration. If the health care bill passes it will certainly boost his morale. The president must know that, as the Arabs of Sudan say, “No crowd ever waited at the gates of patience.”

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