You must judge a woman by the taste of her soup.

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Dr. Regina Benjamin, a family practice doctor who works with the rural poor in Alabama, is his choice for Surgeon General, President Obama said Monday.

Definitely, women are rising in positions of power in America. It is a good thing. Even though the gap is still there between men and women, women has come very far, from getting the right to vote to where we are today. Who could imagine that Nancy Pelosi could be elected as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives? That Madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was about to become Vice President of the United States? Now, Judge Sotomayor is about to be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court .

The world is definitely changing, and America is changing for the better. Women are as qualified as men. As the Baganda of Uganda say, “You must judge a woman by the taste of her soup.”

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