Every man is the builder of his own hut.

President Obama just visited Ghana, his first visit to Africa as president. The whole continent has been so proud to see a son of an African immigrant become the President of the United States. Africa has high expectations that Barack Obama will help her, to the point of forgetting that he’s the President of the United States first.

President Obama’s short stop in Ghana has also created a controversy. Many countries such as Nigeria thought that Obama’s first stop in the African continent should be there because “Nigeria is a giant of Africa”. Others believed that he should start with Kenya because of his father.

The President’s trip to Ghana is a “reward” for their peaceful democracy. Africa has been seen most of the time in terms of wars, hunger, corruption, or natural calamities. Obama’s speech in the Ghanaen parliament, stipulating that Africans need to help themselves and denounce corruption, is a good message. In fact, he’s in a better position to point out African failures than a white man.

Colonization and neo-colonization has hurt and still hurts the continent, but who can fight better for Africa if not its own children? Obama’s election as President of the United States has lifted the spirit of the whole continent, but how can his election turn things around and make the Africans believe in themselves?

Definitely, Africa cannot expect the change will come from Obama, nor a white, but only from themselves. As the Pygmies of Congo say, “Every man is the builder of his own hut.”

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