Who walks in the mud, at some point must clean his feet.

U.S.-Russia relations suffered during the Bush administration over issues such as the invasion of the Russian army of the republic of Georgia, the independence of Kosovo, and tough sanctions against Iran and North Korea over their nuclear programs. President Obama is traveling to Russia to restore relations.

Most of the President’s first term has been putting band-aids on old wounds. The U.S. needs the rest of the world. The rest of the world needs the U.S. It is like a car and a driver. U.S. foreign policy is still the subject of anger and conflict around the world.

Definitely, a good relationship with Russia is a good step to bringing back trust and peace in the world. Russia has an enormous influence on rebellious countries such as Iran and North Korea. President Obama doesn’t have a choice other than to negotiate with the Russians about almost everything. As the Bahumbu of Congo say, “Who walks in the mud, at some point must clean his feet.”

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