The hunter who always comes home with meat is a thief.

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Michael Jackson‘s death is still shocking news. Many questions remain unanswered. When the Muslims call American the country of great Satan, I certainly see it as the country of extremes. Michael Jackson was killed by his own money and doctors who do not follow the Hippocratic Oath.

His death reminds us very much how Anna Nicole Smith died. If you are a doctor, it is certainly a privilege to have a celebrity as a patient. But what is troubling is how these doctors lose their professionalism for quick, big, and easy money. The powerful drugs found in Jackson’s home were certainly prescribed by doctors. Michael Jackson, his entourage, and doctors certainly knew that they were involved in illegal activities. This is not the first time that a tragedy like this happened in America and I am certain that many other celebrities are doing the same thing. How many doctors have lost their licenses for prescribing inappropriate drugs to celebrities?

It is unfortunate that Michael Jackson has lost his life in such a tragic way. It is not time to judge Michael but will the doctors finally learn from this tragedy? The source of Diprivan, a powerful drug found in Michael Jackson’s home, doesn’t matter — the damage is already done. Money is power. Michael was able to buy doctors’ consciences in order to get drugs. As the Bantu of Congo say, “The hunter who always comes home with meat is a thief.”

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