Too much honey can be sickening.

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The war of words between President Obama and President Ahmadinejad continues after a series of violent protests about the elections. First, the President of the United States condemned violence against the people of Iran. Then, the new re-elected President of Iran accused President Obama of interfering in Iranian affairs.

This situation has forced the Obama administration to change its tone and approach toward the Iranian regime. Before the Iranian elections, the president showed his good intentions by reaching out to the Iranian regime, writing a letter to their supreme leader with the intentions of making peace.

But on the Iranian side, it seems that there is no rush to seize the opportunity for real peace. This proves that good intentions aren’t always the best way to approach a dictatorial regime, especially with a regime that sees the shadow of the United States in every bad situation in their country.

It will be difficult to talk about peace with Iran if this regime remains in place. The question is, what would work to make peace with Iran? As the Ewe people of Togo say, “Too much honey can be sickening.”

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