Nothing wipes your tears away but your own hand.

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Health care in America is the debate of the moment. Most Americans agree that there are problems with the existing health care system.

Despite his ambitious plan to make health care affordable to the millions of Americans without health care, the president is facing big opposition within his own political party. There is no hope to get support from the GOP.

Many politicians in Washington are tied to drug company lobbies. It is shameful to see how money can buy support. It is unbelievable that the richest country in the world cannot take care of its own people. To solve this matter, American politicians must work hard and the people of America — often victims of misinformation from drug companies — must stand up and put pressure on their senators in Washington.

The argument that bringing the cost of health care down will also bring the quality of health care down is just wrong. A rich doctor can provide poor quality health care as well. When you think about the unnecessary c-sections being done in America or the ridiculous bills from emergency rooms, it make one wonder what is in the mind of the American people? How can they see that as normal? Are they capable of pushing for change?

I am not sure because the ads on TV from the drug company interest groups are pouring in every day. But the type of health care that Americans have is what they have accepted — maybe simply because they are not exposed other industrialized societies to compare. But only the American people can change things, not the corrupt politicians. As the Bateke of Congo say, “Nothing wipes your tears away but your own hand.”

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