Blind eyes see better than blind hearts.

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President Obama became the first US president to visit the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. He reiterated once again his message to those who denied the suffering of the Jewish people.

Seeing the Nazi ovens of the Buchenwald concentration camp in person dwarfs learning about it from a history class or from a book. You must see it to feel the pain and suffering that the Nazis have caused. It also makes one realize what human beings are capable of doing. The mind of evil has no mercy. How it is possible that the Nazis were able to do this?

The Iranian President Ahmadinejad is certainly not the only leader to have denied the holocaust. It is a tragedy. The only hope that we all have is that things like this doesn’t happen again. The question is, do those who have doubts about the holocaust deny it because of their ideology or because of their hatred toward the Jewish people? As the Arabs of Egypt say, “Blind eyes see better than blind hearts.”

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