Even a soft speech has its own poison.

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The awaited speech of President Obama to the Muslim world has been seen by many politicians as one of the greatest speeches of our time. President Obama is offering a new beginning between the US and the Muslim worlds. It’s too early to say if his speech will have an immediate impact in the Muslim countries. For sure it was well received. One thing is true, they were no shoes thrown at him.

Many see his speech as bittersweet. Being humble and recognizing the mistakes made by his country is an act of courage. Now, each part has to do its homework. I mean by that the blind support of the US for Israel while avoiding pointing out the excessive use of force toward Palestinian civilians or, in the name of occupation, the excuse of shooting rockets at Israel and the support of terrorism by Iran on behalf of the Palestinian cause. At this point, it is a choice that the Muslim world and Israelis have to make.

The truth is sometimes difficult to swallow. People in Israel may see things differently. For the first time, a US president has told them the truth about the continuation of new settlements — that they are obstacles in reaching a peace deal. As the Arabs of Egypt say, “Even a soft speech has its own poison.”

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