If man is a river, then woman is a bridge.

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The nomination of judge Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice is certainly the news of the moment. I have been reading about her life and am very inspired by it. From where she was to where she is today, I have say it is a great achievement. She has been nominated not because she is a latina but because she is highly qualified for the job.

I see her as a woman first, not a latina woman. Women certainly understand our society better than men, no matter the color of her skin. Unfortunately, race and gender matter in America.

Many see her nomination as a calculated move from President Obama to attract latino votes in future battles. But the truth is, America is changing. It is not a black and white America, but a multicultural America. Each group will have its share. More women on the Supreme Court is a good thing because they will do a better job.

As the Arabs of Egypt say, “If man is a river, then woman is a bridge.”

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