Differences between husband and wife should not be aired in the marketplace.

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The dual between President Obama and former vice-president Dick Cheney about how to handle the Guantanamo detainees (specifically, water boarding) is bringing more heat on US foreign policies. Clearly, the two men see things differently.

On one hand, if the current US administration believes that torture is wrong, and believes that these practices put Americans in danger, then the question is whether America’s enemies have the same moral values and conscience of not using torture against Americans. Is someone who wants to kill concerned about his enemy’s suffering?

On the other hand, Mr. Cheney’s argument makes sense as well. Extracting information by force from those who plan to kill Americans is right — even though the information collected is not necessary credible. What is wrong is when Mr. Cheney claims that they have saved lives without saying what they have collected as information and how it served the country. This war is not between two countries subject to the Geneva convention. This war is between a country and a terrorist organization.

The US soldiers water boarded Vietnamese during Vietnam and still lost the war. I strongly believe that the two men love their country but have two different views about this challenging matter. However, this sensitive matter shouldn’t be publicly discussed. As the Bateke of Congo say, “Differences between husband and wife should not be aired in the marketplace.”

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