A long beard and a rosary will not make you a priest.

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According to a new poll by the Pew Forum & Public Life, more than 54% of Americans who go church at least once a week are likely to support the torture of prisoners and think that the use of torture against suspected terrorists is often or sometimes justified.

Religion plays an important role in American politics. George W. Bush was elected twice with the support of religious groups. I would not be surprised if most of the Christians who support torture are not affiliated with the Republican party, a political party seen by many as a religious party.

This poll shows also the true face of some Christians. Their opinion contradict the message of Jesus Christ. For these types of Christians, church is more a social club than a place to learn moral values. Going to church will not make someone a true Christian. As the Bambara of Mali say, “A long beard and a rosary will not make you a priest.”

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