Thorns themselves will not harm you–you hurt yourself on the thorns.

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The pandemic swine flu that has killed many people in Mexico and has spread to the United States and other countries all around the world make us realized how small the world is.

The irony in this tragedy is how tightly the destiny of Mexico is connected with that of the United States. When Mexico got the flu, the United States sneezed. The destiny of both countries are related in good or bad times. It’s like a marriage between wife and husband.

More cases of swine flu were confirmed in the US and the government is urging travelers to avoid non-essential trips to Mexico. At this point nobody knows how bad the situation is. For sure, measures need to be taken to avoid more contamination: the same old ways to prevent the flu. Wash your hands, cover your mouth while sneezing, stay home to limit transmission from person to person.

Unfortunately, some people are still traveling to Mexico despite the government’s warnings. As the Basotho of Leshoto say, “Thorns themselves will not harm you–you hurt yourself on the thorns.”

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