Nothing is more contagious than a bad example.

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The State of Iowa has been in the news lately for allowing same-sex marriage. The State Supreme Court voted unanimously in favor of gay marriage.

Definitely, this decision made many sympathizers of gay marriage happy. On the other hand, those who strongly believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman are scratching their heads. Miss California lost her crown for speaking her mind about gay marriage.

Many conservatives are worried about the phenomena of “contagion”. They are worried that more states in the US will start to allow gay and lesbian marriage. There is no doubt that gays and lesbians will move to the states that allow them to live legally and peacefully.

I cannot imagine a legalization of gay marriage in the South, though. In the South, gays and lesbians are still taboo. The lawmakers will do everything possible to discourage such ideas. As the Fang of Gabon say, “Nothing is more contagious than a bad example.”

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