He who loves the truth has many enemies.

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad triggered a mass walkout at a major United Nations anti-racism conference. Any time that the President of Iran has had an opportunity to speak at an international conference, he has used tough words toward Westerners and the State of Israel.

Not all he has said is false. The truth is sometimes difficult to swallow. The West gives total support to Israel, proving clearly that they are partisan in this tragic problem. Palestinians themselves also have to accept responsibility for Hamas. The killing is true on both sides, but the West must look at itself in the mirror and admit that very little is said when civilian Palestinians are killed. No European country condemns Israel for using excessive force, fearing being seen as anti-semitic. The general stereotype is that Israelis are good people and Palestinians are evil.

As the Sikh of Kenya say, “He who loves the truth has many enemies.”

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