When a king has good counselors, his reign is peaceful.

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The new approach of the Obama administration toward Iran is certainly the best chance for real peace between the US and Iran. When the politics of two countries diverge, it is the people of both countries that suffer the most.

The Obama administration understands the influence of Iran in the Arab world. I don’t see the US succeeding in Iraq or Afghanistan, or with the creation of the Palestinian state, without the help of Iran. Iran has ties with all the terrorists groups (resistance groups for some) such as Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Negotiating a peace deal with an enemy is not necessarily a sign of weakness. But, peace will not be easy to achieve, especially when Iran is enriching uranium to become a nuclear power. It will be interesting to see what both countries are willing to give away in order to reach peace.

One thing is true, many previous US Secretaries of State strongly suggested the rapprochement of Iran after the failures of previous administrations. As the Ashanti of Ghana say, “When a king has good counselors, his reign is peaceful.”

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