A little rain each day will fill the river to overflowing.

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Even after being hit hard in the past weeks by the Israeli army for shooting rockets, it seems that the terrorist group Hamas (or resistance group for it supporters) didn’t learn their lesson. Hamas fired five rockets into Israel.

For those who have been following this deadly conflict, the scenario is the same. The rain of rockets falls in southern Israel until the Israeli government has enough and retaliates. Then the world community calls their action a crime against humanity.

After such a massive rain of bombs in Gaza, you would think that the Palestinian militants would take time to reorganize before the next “season” of rocket rain. Definitely Israel did not fold their arms — they responded with air strikes. It is predictable that Gaza will be hit again as retaliation anytime that Hamas launches rockets in Israeli territory. As the Mande-Fu of Liberia say, “A little rain each day will fill the river to overflowing.”

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