Excuses are always mixed with lies.

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Tom Daschle, President Obama‘s nominee for health secretary, failed to pay $128,000 in taxes. The story is big news and a big surprise to everyone, especially when you think about the position that he held at one point in the American Senate. Definitely, the law makers are not good examples and apply double standards between what they say and who they really are.

Definitely, if Tom Daschle was a Republican, the story would be even bigger. I came to the conclusion that a bad guy is a bad guy. Tom Daschle should quit. His case is unacceptable. Quitting will be the best way to help the new administration. Thinking about his lifestyle, why did he need a limousine for year? What is the difference between the Wall Street greed and those who “forgot” to pay their taxes? Even though many people think that he is the most qualified for that job, he is certainly not a unique gem. America is full of talent.

At this point excuses are not enough. As the Arabs of Egypt say, “Excuses are always mixed with lies.”

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