He who does not look ahead always remains behind.

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In his first interview as President of the United States on Al Arabiya, the new president sent a clear message to the Middle East that he is not a clone of George W. Bush. His message gave hope to the Arab world, hope to one day see peace.

Tackling this difficult task so early at the beginning of his presidency shows that Obama’s campaign promises were not only rhetoric. Now it is time for the Muslim world to chose peace or war. Their destiny is in their own hands.

I was listening on BBC news today to the reactions to the interview in the Arab world. Most people recognized the change of tone coming from Washington. Some see it as a good sign. But, the Arab world is complex and still can’t solve the division among themselves. The Palestinian tragedy is one palpable example.

Hopefully, the people of the Arab world will chose peace, and therefore a better future than war and terrorism. As the Yoruba of Nigeria say, “He who does not look ahead always remains behind.”

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